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About Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture (CA) is a grass-roots business model which allows a practitioner to treat more people at once, in order to charge lower fees for each individual. In this way, acupuncture treatments are available to the average person, not just the affluent or those with excellent coverage. Acupuncture treatments are optimal at an initial frequency of 2-3x per week, and CA allows more people to realize the full potential of acupuncture care.

CA relies on everyone to work together in keeping the clinic running smoothly, not just the staff. For more information on what to expect and how you can help, click here. NOTE: Community style acupuncture is not the most effective treatment for every type of medical issue. Please read more here.

There are many Community Acupuncture Clinics in Minnesota. View the options here.

This is a short documentary about Community Acupuncture. Sarah DeLaForest, the owner/acupuncturist at Points North, is featured therein. 


Points North Community Acupuncture


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