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Pranic Healing

The system of Pranic Healing is a modern form of energy practices that was founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. Master Choa had spent over 30 years researching techniques and experimenting with different modalities before he was able to publish the book Pranic Healing in 1987. Pranic healing treats the same wide spectrum of issues as Chinese Medicine. Our practitioner has learned and studied several energy healing modalities including medical qigong and reiki. Pranic healing is the most powerful, simple, and effective in her clinical experience.

As an engineer, he strived to create a system of energy practices that was methodical and simple to utilize, so that anyone could learn them and benefit from them. He always advised students to "think, analyze, and come to your own conclusions". 

The school of Pranic Healing encompasses the teachings of Arhatic Yoga, which is a system of meditation and lifestyle to help the healing practitioner become a better healing practitioner- and better person. It is not based on any single religion, but is designed to take you deeper into your own tradition, as Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga are taught most countries and cultures of the world. 


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