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"I had painful plantar fasciitis with foot and leg cramps for about 6 years. I tried massage and saw a podiatrist but they were not helpful. My pain was almost constant. It made it difficult to walk. Because of the affordability of acupuncture at Points North, I was finally able to receive frequent enough treatments to get the problem under control. Now, when I have pain it is minimal and does not last long. There are no longer any cramps and it is much easier to walk."- S. Stewart 

"I had a low backache for years. After slipping and falling at work, that pain became much worse. Adjustments weren't helping, so my chiropractor suggested acupuncture. I was skeptical and a little scared, but wasn't sure what else to do. As Sarah began putting needles in my hands, I was imagining what angry things I would say to my chiropractor. But, before she was even through with the first hand, I could feel my back pain going away. By the end of the first appointment, I could not feel any pain in my back! It was hard to believe, but it lasted for almost a week. After the second appointment, I was doing so much better. I only had 5 treatments, but have only occasional aches in my back that I barely notice!" - Christina B.

Square feedback: "Sarah is amazingly sweet, gentle and knowledgeable and explains everything. I have MS and acupuncture has been incredibly helpful when modern medicine has not helped! Thanks Sarah!!♡♡" "Great appt as always!" "I always feel better after my treatment." "I feel so much better when I leave." "Sarah is great at what she does!" "Felt really good all weekend with no pain or Vicodin." "A lot less pain." "Less pain every day."

Points North Community Acupuncture


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